API & Biotech Research & Development,
Pondicherry, India

Teyro Labs has built world class Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) / Drug Intermediates Research and Development centre at Pondicherry which will be operational for various APIs and Biotech product drug development from January 2020. The major focus to make products competitive and profitable in the long run, by emphasizing on: Alternative cost effective routes, Non-infringing processes and Green chemistry.

This facility also has Biotech section, which is involved in development of fermentation based API drugs and intermediates with latest technology, suitable expertise and valuable pipeline of fermentation products. The Biotech department deals with Microbial fermentation process, which includes conventional and mutation screening of various microorganisms with extensive shake flask studies further to fermentation and downstream processing. Biotech R&D also planning to setup recombinant DNA based facility in short time.

API & Biotech R&D is supported by strong Analytical development lab with major activities like; Method development, Method validation & Impurity profiling of API's.